House of Secrets 92

Last year I started pooling together multiple Swamp Thing appearance lists in an attempt to create the list of all lists. It isn’t complete but hopefully it can help fans and collectors get one step closer. For 2014 I plan to document my list through this blog. I’m going to reread the Swampy series along with all appearances within my collection. For starters…

EDIT: since posting this, I’ve found a copy of HOS #92.
House of Secrets 92 (1971)
Snipe Hunt

Script: Len Wein
Pencils and inks: Bernie Wrightson
Letters: Ben Oda
Editor: Joe Orlando
Cover: Bernie Wrightson & Jack Adler

Swamp Thing’s first appearance.
I’ve been saving my pennies and digging through boxes with the hopes of coming across the original release but for this post I am using my copy of “Showcase Presents House of Secrets TPB (2008)”

It starts with two feet.

Before Alec and Linda Holland there was Alex Olsen and Linda Olsen Ridge.
Before three thuggish henchmen there was Damien Ridge, Alex’s creepy, jealous, double crossing lab partner who looks like any bad guy extra from the Rockford files.

Damien is quite the charmer. It’s no wonder Linda ran to Dr. Ridge after Alex’s demise. I enjoy his sinister poetic delivery and track record with murderous endeavors is poor at best.

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