Swamp Thing 1 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 1 (1972)
Dark Genesis

Writer Len Wein
Artist Bernie Wrightson
Editor Joe Orlando

 photo photo21.jpg

This blurb at the end of the book helps to summarize all that is Swampy.
A nice introduction to start the series.  photo photo1-1.jpg

 photo photo3.jpg
I don’t intend to give a detailed rundown of each ST comic and appearance. That would be as fun as flying through a plate glass window or a windshield. Instead, here are some of my favorite panels.
 photo photo11.jpg
 photo photo5.jpg

When Holland goes…
 photo photo1.jpg

Matt Cable is there to give Linda the comfort she deserves.
 photo photo6.jpg

 photo photo2.jpg

No one managed in the majors after using Strat-O-Matic.
 photo photo4.jpg

Before Knight Industries Two Thousand, Michael sat comfortably behind an engine block.
 photo photo2-1.jpg


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