Swamp Thing 2 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 2 (1973)
The Man Who Wanted Forever
 photo 2cover.jpg
Issue two lands Swampy somewhere in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria surrounded by Arcane and his Un-men. The creeps had the nerve to string him up and use him as a raft.
 photo raft.jpg
 photo hung.jpg

The Doctor takes quite a liking to Swamp Thing. So much so that they recreate The Creation of Adam.
 photo touch.jpg
But not without compliments.
 photo swamp22.jpg
Dr. Holland is having a tough time.
 photo moon.jpg
and I can’t help thinking that this damn dog deserves all the blame.
 photo dog1.jpg

Letters Page
I love that it only took two issues for Man-Thing hate mail to start showing up on the letters page.
 photo 2editorial.jpg

Timeless gifts.
 photo welch.jpg


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