Swamp Thing 3 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 3 (1973)
The Patchwork Man
It’s still in the works but I created a map tracing the travels of Swamp Thing throughout the chronology. It will be a bit rough seeing that specific locations are not established until the second series. I will post the link to the map in the near future.
I eventually need to make a list of favorite Swampy covers as well. This one definitely makes the list.
In this issue, Swampy finds himself battling the towns folk of a small village within the Balkan Mountains. We’re introduced to Abigail Arcane while Matt Cable & Patchwork Man are still in the mix.
This issue is packed full of tussling, grappling and angry villagers.
32panel (1).JPG

We learn the origins of Patchwork Man, which I will leave for you to enjoy on your own.

And more issues with trying to help out Abigail.
girlhave (1).JPG
yah? yah? whadda ya gunnda do to em Swampy!? …stay tuned!

Letters Page:
More Man-Thing hate mail and mention of The Heap (the ultimate inspiration).

This one is located on the inside cover. I of course dropped what I was doing and became a man by ordering a bb gun. I then called my dad for his approval but he didn’t answer. I left a message.

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