Swamp Thing 4 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 4 (1973)
Monster on the Moors
 photo cover4.jpg
“How to Hike Across Peat Bogs: Fear No Moor”
 photo intro4.jpg
Moors, peat bogs and a werewolf is all you’ll ever need.

Matt Cable & Abigail Arcane’s host family are bananas but their son is a pretty stand up guy.
 photo wolf.jpg

Swamp Thing hitched a ride from Bulgaria and came in handy during the crash landing, earning his place on seat back emergency landing prep. cards everywhere.
 photo landing.jpg

Werewolves should not be discounted, they have strong nuclear families.
 photo prop4.jpg photo lightsdown.jpg

Swampy let ’em have it but it was for the best
 photo endlights.jpg
 photo ian4.jpg
See? it’s better.
Well, maybe not. How many times does Swampy have to save Matt and Abigail before he earns their trust?
 photo strut.jpg

And how does this mustached, Wilford Brimley looking dog keep popping up everywhere? He must have stayed in the plane while in Bulgaria.
 photo damndog.jpg

Next issue sneak peek:
 photo nextissue.jpg
Witches tied to trees and more angry villagers!

Letters Page:

The letters page was buzzing this issue. Fans wrote raving reviews and asked energetic rhetorical questions. Is panelogist a real thing?
 photo ads4.jpg

What’s 7 feet tall and obeys your every command?
I have yet to uncover the mysteries of “peeping skeleton hands”
 photo onghost.jpg


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