Swamp Thing 6 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 6 (1973)
A Clockwork Horror

I started working on a Swampy map. I thought it would be fun to map the general areas where Swamp Thing travels throughout the chronology. The map can be viewed here. Now, on to issue 6…

In this issue, we find Swamp Thing has made his way to the beautiful green mountain state of Vermont. Swampy encounters robots, cuckoo clocks and himself. I’m a sap and have always loved this story.

Matt Cable is still on Swampy’s case but now he’s got the DC gang helping out. Wrightson is working as a sketch artist, Wein is writing articles and  Orlando is trying to get Cable on the horn. I’d bet you Dollars to doughnuts Matt doesn’t call him back.

Is it all a dream? Swamp Thing is reunited with Linda, what could be better?

Swampy loves holding hands with Linda and the non-vegetable version of Alec Holland.

Swampy loves the mic’d up dog that won’t go away.

Back at the Conclave, the big cheese loves his pet monkey.

The mayor loves lederhosen and clocks…

while Swamp Thing does not.

Matt Cable is not impressed by chicken billed robots or bargains.

Swamp Thing is not impressed by chicken billed robots either.

Swamp Thing hates broken hearts and I hate seeing Swamp Thing’s heart get broken… again.

When all is said and done, Swamp Thing doesn’t care for a whole town being reduced to a pile of smoldering robotic bodies.

Woods Edge Game looks terrifying.

Letters Page:
A Swamp Thing comic in every time capsule sounds great. I’ve heard rumblings that a Swamp Thing comic made it on the Voyager.

Dear Responsible Parties,
Two nights ago I ate leftover meatloaf for dinner. While heating it up, I forgot to put a napkin over it and the microwave was a mess. Last night I made a grilled cheese sandwich with the crust cut off and reheated my tomato soup from 3 nights ago.


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