Swamp Thing 8 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 8 (1974)
The Lurker in Tunnel 13
 photo cover8.jpg

Bing-Bong, anyone home? GGRRRAARRGGHH
 photo 8-1.jpg

Swamp Thing invented the bear hug. This bear was not aware of that.
 photo 8-2.jpg

 photo 8-3.jpg
Perdition: where a shirtless man can stare listlessly past the coal mines of the Appalachian Mountains, beneath a giant weeping eye looking to the heavens.

Perdition: a town that accepts muck encrusted monsters, where a feller can admit when he’s made a mistake.
 photo 8-4.jpg

Perdition: where a monster and a towny can share a joke without the use of a flaming torch.
 photo 8-6.jpg

Perdition: where a Swamp Thing can kick back and be treated like a king.
 photo 8-5.jpg

Perdition: where massive, amorphic demons with god complexes can live underground, free to control peop… oh wait Swamp Thing is here!
 photo 8-7.jpg

And he went and disrupted M’nagalah’s mass.
 photo 8-8.jpg

 photo 8-ads2.jpg
I would expect nothing less than monster sized.

 photo 8-ads1.jpg
Karate, Judo & Savate!? Savate is French footfighting. I would gladly pay 25¢ for French footfighting lessons alone.

Letters Page:
 photo 8-letter.jpg
Paul Edwards is awesome.


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