Amazing World of DC Comics #6

Amazing World of DC Comics #6 (1975)

The Joe Orlando special is full of great Swampy images. For a character who is so visually dominant, the articles don’t dwell on him for too long.

It’s nice to see Swampy is a part of the character list above the title. He is looking as stoic as ever. Continue reading “Amazing World of DC Comics #6”


House of Secrets 92 II

I have finally obtained a copy of HOS 92!
I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a copy in decent condition and I could not pass up the chance to have Swampy’s first appearance in my collection. There is significant wear on both front and back covers but the inside/pages look great.
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Sleeping Swamp Bag

Sleeping in Swamp Thing!
The sleeping bag came out in the early 90s along with all the other collectibles from the cartoon series. The stock illustration used by most of the marketed materials appears to be colored differently for the sleeping bag. ST appears to be wearing some sort of vine singlet. I wonder if the marketing folks felt that Swampy needed swamp trousers to be deemed appropriate for kids to sleep in.
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