Swamp Thing 10 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 10 (1974)
The Man Who Would Not Die
The contorted posturing of Swampy and Aracane has always bothered me. How would this ever happen in a fight?

“The Man Who Wouldn’t Die” involves a few folks who refuse to remain dead. This bloke is not one of them. No one tells “Hunk” Dorry what to do and contrary to his nickname, things don’t work out for him.

Wrightson drew some fantastic panels in this issue. He and Wein establish a great storyline that establishes/influences future elements used later in Saga (series 2).
st_107 (1).JPG

Auntie De Luvian tips Swamp Thing off on some creeps lurking about and low and behold…

He’s back.

Ol’ man Arcane is looking gnarly as ever. Mad scientist turned monster, here we are introduced to the Arcane who we’ve come to love and hate.

The lesson I took away from his lengthy rebirth dissertation is to always keep “a vast supply of component parts”. Having Cranius kicking around wouldn’t hurt either.

I’d like to think the Pirates of The Caribbean movie borrowed the staging of this panel for their undead water walking scene. I’d also like to think that Cranius borrowed a floaty to wear around his wrist, brain stem, neck situation.

It’s difficult to see Swampy getting his moss handed to him by Arcane and the far inferior unmen but taking the time to chat with Auntie De Luvian sure did work in his favor.

Enter… Jubal!

Before taking care of business, Jubal tells Swampy to go back to bed.

When Swampy wakes up from his nap, all is right…

with the worms.

I would stick my favorite up but Swamp Thing didn’t make the list. Swampy should always make the list.

Proof that your subscription will arrive promptly.
I wish DC hadn’t canceled the new 52 Swampy subscriptions.
That was a bummer… anyhoo

… if the Jolly Giant hasn’t already crushed your camp site. I’d find it in my heart to forgive him if he left all sorts of treats and prizes in its place.

Letters Page:

I’m so confused. I felt anger then I got excited.

Joe here with a fantastic explanation! Pick-up a copy of the comic to read Orlando’s complete response.

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