bOMBASTIUM 27 (1974)
 photo 748462D8-7B3D-48FD-A810-07F6F4C3CD29.jpg
Another fanzine featuring some great Swamp Thing artwork.
The cover illustration is by zine publisher, Alan Hutchinson. I like how Swampy looks like he is ready to wrestle. The detail is focused on his arms, leaving his body looking like an outfit of some kind.
 photo 1CF8E0B4-8875-4398-B57B-17EA755975FF.jpg
 photo F0C68C21-D6F1-4436-9B04-FF4796D7103F.jpg
The zine is formatted like a forum for subscribing fans/members.
 photo 0823212B-ACF5-443C-B008-555389E10B54.jpg
 photo FABD077F-2561-4179-9EB4-E27F7C88E8B6.jpg
back cover


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