Swamp Thing 11 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 11 (1974)
The Conqueror Worms
 photo 1.jpg

geez, right out the gate, Swampy is pegged as a pathetic creature?
 photo 2a.jpg

At least Cable is starting to warm up a little.
 photo 4.jpg

 photo 3.jpg
oh come on, it’s not so bad.
 photo 7.jpg

Matt and Abigail meet up with a friend.
 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg
and give you a high five

 photo 8.jpg
… and we’ve got worms. No amount of dragging on the carpet will relieve the situation like Swampy can.
 photo 9.jpg

For as much trauma as Profesor Nail has endured he felt it necessary to hold true to his headband fashion sense.
 photo 10.jpg

Ouch, Matt Cable goes for the eye.
 photo 11.jpg

The  elephant worms flip the script on Nails and Cable’s plan takes a turn for the worse.
 photo 12.jpg

The featured addendum is craziness and out of left field.
 photo 14.jpg

I am looking forward to the writhing rainbows in issue 12
 photo 15.jpg

Letters Page:
 photo photo2-4-1.jpg
Artists, dreamers and horizons. Bernie is gone.
 photo photo2-4-1.jpg
ok, you do that.

 photo photo1-3-1.jpg
fake broken arm gags. I’ve thought about how this would work and all outcomes point to underwhelming.

 photo photo3-3.jpg
I wish this deal still existed. I’d send in $14.95 for all of this treasure.

 photo photo3-1.jpg
This man must have the heaviest legs on earth. His upper to lower ratio is completely off.

 photo photo3-6-1.jpg
I enjoy finding variant artwork in ads. As you can see the Swampy cover is grayscale and the title space is orange instead of purple. Neat.


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