Swamp Thing 12 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 12 (1974)
The Eternity Man

It only took twelve issues to confuse the ever living hell out of me.

I’ve been having a blast rereading Swampy’s chronology and it has been a while since I have read issue 12 of the first series. The preview panel at the end of issue 11 seemed to come from left field but accurately set the pace for this tale. Swampy finds himself stumbling through time with the help of a giant gem adorned with a 7 pointed star and its stranger companion.

There doesn’t seem to be rhyme nor reason why Swampy is stuck in this time arc but numerous interludes break up the story featuring Cable, Bolt and Abigail. Cable recruits Bolt to help track down Swampy and convinces him to warm up to the vegetable man. But why would you want to see those panels when you could gaze upon the recurring starry eyed stranger?

Story of Swampy’s life.

Monster encounters man stuck in quicksand. Man disappears forever leaving behind a seven pointed star upon a magical pink orb.

Letters Page:

This looks like a face I can trust. One of these decks sounds legit.

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