Swamp Thing 13 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 13 (1974)
The Leviathan Conspiracy
 photo ST-13-1.jpg

The swamp is a mess!
 photo ST-13-2.jpg

Bolt is showing off Bernie Wrightson’s Swampy sketch as seen in issue 6
and kindly shows you how to fold it up.
 photo ST-13-3.jpg

Cable and crew are starting to warm up to ST so they throw him a foam party and ship him off to DC, all expenses paid.
 photo ST-13-4.jpg

They hand Swampy over to agents in DC where we are introduced to Agent Zero who will turn up in future issues of the first series. With a name like Agent Zero we’re all in for a treat.
 photo ST-13-5.jpg

Swamp Thing is not a happy camper…
 photo ST-13-6.jpg

so the DC stooges jazz his cell up by surrounding it with some wrestling ropes to make him feel right at home.
 photo ST-13-7.jpg

Groundbreaking news!
Finally, Cable can accept the mossy man as his former friend!
I’m going to celebrate with a piece of cake and relish in the guilt that Cable will feel for the rest of his life
 photo ST-13-9.jpg

And a deep dark veil of guilt washes over Detective Cable.
 photo ST-13-8.jpg

Long story short, Matt frees Swampy and gets his muck encrusted butt back to Houma with the help of a dead body and a shallow grave but I’ve said too much.  The issue ends with a call back to House of Secrets #92.
 photo ST-13-10.jpg

What an odd machine and illustration.
Right hand curled away from body… thumb facing the body? Something is amiss!
 photo ST-13-1AD1.jpg

Once you get fit you will find that your body will contort into interesting poses.
 photo ST-13-1AD2.jpg

Letters Page
 photo ST-13-1Lp1.jpg

…. what?


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