Swamp Thing 13 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 13 (1974)
The Leviathan Conspiracy

The swamp is a mess!

Bolt is showing off Bernie Wrightson’s Swampy sketch as seen in issue 6
and kindly shows you how to fold it up.

Cable and crew are starting to warm up to ST so they throw him a foam party and ship him off to DC, all expenses paid.

They hand Swampy over to agents in DC where we are introduced to Agent Zero who will turn up in future issues of the first series. With a name like Agent Zero we’re all in for a treat.

Swamp Thing is not a happy camper…

so the DC stooges jazz his cell up by surrounding it with some wrestling ropes to make him feel right at home.

Groundbreaking news!
Finally, Cable can accept the mossy man as his former friend!
I’m going to celebrate with a piece of cake and relish in the guilt that Cable will feel for the rest of his life

And a deep dark veil of guilt washes over Detective Cable.

Long story short, Matt frees Swampy and gets his muck encrusted butt back to Houma with the help of a dead body and a shallow grave but I’ve said too much.  The issue ends with a call back to House of Secrets #92.

What an odd machine and illustration.
Right hand curled away from body… thumb facing the body? Something is amiss!

Once you get fit you will find that your body will contort into interesting poses.

Letters Page
…. what?

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