Swamp Thing 14 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 14 (1975)
The Tomorrow Children
 photo ST-14-1.jpg
There are some great spreads in this issue.
Swampy encounters all walks of life; Angry town folk, children with psychic powers…
 photo ST-14-2.jpg

and mutated animal monsters.
 photo ST-14-3.jpg

Angry town folk used to brandish torches. Nowadasys they wield flame throwers thanks to the kind folks at the Chatham Armory
 photo ST-14-4.jpg

Children with psychic powers know where all the good swamp melees are.
 photo ST-14-5.jpg

 photo ST-14-6.jpg

I could be wrong but I believe this is the first and only time Swamp Thing relies on his strong kicking abilities during a skirmish.
 photo ST-14-7.jpg

When all is said and done, ST is not impressed by the town folk, their ignorance and hate for all things different is too much for his muck encrusted man feelings.
 photo ST-14-8.jpg

 photo ST-14-AD3.jpg
For sure, there’s gotta be… right?

 photo ST-14-AD2.jpg
“Their hands and face will turn bloody red” I’m sold.

 photo ST-14-AD1.jpg
“Looks like you’re really bleeding!” Give me all you got of that.

 photo ST-14-AD4.jpg
do you now?

 photo ST-14-AD5.jpg
Those hieroglyphics translate to “I just can’t leave it alone!”

Letters Page:
 photo ST-14-LP1.jpg
Berni(e) bailed ship and now Len too. Did Len bravely leave Swamp Thing due to kidney stones?

 photo ST-14-LP2.jpg


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