Swamp Thing 15 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 15 (1975)
The Soul-Spell of Father Bliss
 photo ST-15-1.jpg

Swampy has dealt with a lot of adversity and strange occurrences in his short life so it stands to reason that lightening would be the next item on the list.
 photo ST-15-2.jpg

Swampy is lucky. Not everyone who gets struck by lightening is fortunate enough to have a creep ex-priest rub oils on their back.
Swampy doesn’t appear to feel very lucky.
 photo ST-15-3.jpg

An upside down cross… nothing to see here!
 photo ST-15-4.jpg

 photo ST-15-5.jpg
I was wondering that as well. The goofy magicians robe really brings it all home.

 photo ST-15-6.jpg
Oh look, he’s a little black magic conductor conjuring evil.

 photo ST-15-7.jpg
Cable totally deserved this backhand. I was hoping this would happen when ST was not possessed by a demon from hell but I’ll take it when I can get it.

 photo ST-15-8.jpg
Half of the room seems to be appalled by naked Alec Holland suspended in a red orb.

 photo ST-15-9.jpg
Demon possessed Swampy practices his best Kalima routine.

 photo ST-15-10.jpg
Non-demon possessed Swampy practices his best demon hurling skills.
Grab the hoof and swing like hell.

 photo ST-15-1AD1.jpg
I don’t want to alarm anyone but I did a thorough sweep of our trusted internet and found that Zolatron simulated diamonds are not real. They may not exist.

 photo ST-15-1AD2.jpg
Hamsters love the horizontal tubes and multi-chambered quadrants filled with lush wood shavings. It’s the three foot drop from the palatial towers that they hate.

 photo ST-15-1AD3.jpg

Letters Page:
 photo ST-15-1LP.jpg
This swamp fan has voices in his head that scream louder and louder.


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