Swamp Thing 16 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 16 (1975)
Night of the Walking Dead
 photo ST-16-1.jpg

 photo ST-16-2.jpg
Blasted skyjackers!

 photo ST-16-3.jpg
Swampy looks as surprised as everyone else. His cargo crate is customized just for him, placard and all.

 photo ST-16-4.jpg
“Spread butter fat man!” I can’t seem to figure out what this means.

 photo ST-16-5.jpg
There are some funny proportion/tangent issues in this panel. I thought she was 8 feet tall and he was 5 feet tall.

 photo ST-16-7.jpg
but… they are about the same height and the time is come.

 photo ST-16-6.jpg
Swamp Thing does not look impressed.

 photo ST-16-8.jpg
Pull up a chair. I’m going to tell you my life story. It all started when I was…

 photo ST-16-9.jpg
Could this be proof that Swampy has scoliosis?

 photo ST-16-10.jpg
I’m guessing Ellery’s pet monkey broke his fall in issue 7. I’m guessing the fall broke most of his bones.

 photo ST-16-ad1.jpg
Fell for the ol’ twinkie trap!

 photo ST-16-ad2.jpg
No gimmicks, none at all

 photo ST-16-ad3.jpg
This back to school ad looks like some back alley shenanigans.

 photo ST-16-ad4.jpg
I’m borrowing the neighbors cat to practice medicine.

 photo ST-16-ad5.jpg
My mood time and male pattern baldness suits me just fine.

Letters Page:
 photo ST-16-LP1.jpg
this issue’s letter page is dominated with comic award listings and this blurb regarding DC’s short lived answer to Conan.


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