Transylvania Brain Surgery 4 (Volume 1)

A Short Stop At The  Transylvania Brain Surgery 4 (1975)
 photo photo1.jpg
This Swamp Thing appearance is brought to you by Transylvania Brain Surgery. It is a UK fanzine that I haven’t seen too many of. This a bizarre appearance indeed.

The Breakdown
 photo photo2.jpg

 photo photo3.jpg
There are some bizarre strips inside. I mean real “farr-out” stuff

 photo photo4.jpg
Swampy and Man-Thing helping to invite fans to write in/participate.

 photo photo5.jpg
“Now, where’s the soap?” as you can see there are plenty of examples to help you get started on writing your own caption.

 photo photo11.jpg
The Raised Sword of Hell!

 photo photo21.jpg
The back cover is extremely odd.  The small one is a Frankenstein monster-like man child.


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