Swamp Thing 18 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 18 (1975)
Village of the Doomed
 photo ST-18-1.jpg
Holland SMASH!

 photo ST-18-2.jpg
Swampy, Cable, Abby & Bolt make it back to the US only to find a twisted little retirement town best described as “Geriatric Disneyland”

 photo ST-18-3.jpg
Lord…! if you are going to call old folks vegetables you best be prepared to handle the repercussions.

 photo ST-18-14.jpg

 photo ST-18-4.jpg
Old folks with makeshift weapons are simply misunderstood.

 photo ST-18-5.jpg
Swampy thought it was a common house cat.

 photo ST-18-6.jpg
Such brute force. ST utilizes the ol’ folded tombstone move.

 photo ST-18-7.jpg

 photo ST-18-8.jpg

 photo ST-18-9.jpg
Marion knows the procedure and Aubrey Trask certainly is in charge.

 photo ST-18-10.jpg
Swampy helps a doomed traveler only to… and he’s off.

 photo ST-18-11.jpg
and how else can we get our money’s worth for all these tridents we bought last summer?

 photo ST-18-12.jpg
This issue ends with an odd and unresolved rope tying situation.
Abby’s restraints somehow loosen leaving Matt Cable disturbed.
I don’t recall reading a clear answer as to what happened in future books but we shall see.

 photo ST-18-13.jpg

 photo ST-Ads1.jpg
I’m sorry, that’s not an electric guitar.

 photo ST-Ads2.jpg
yep, there he is!

 photo ST-Ads3.jpg
throw in 99 luftballons and you got yourself a damn deal.

Letters Page
 photo ST-18-Lp.jpg
Preacher does a terrific job of balancing comics with religion. If J. Douglas Wellington The Fourth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can hang in there for a couple decades, he’ll be in for quite the treat.


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