Swamp Thing 19 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 19 (1975)
A Second Time To Die
 photo ST-19-1.jpg
Need Swampy to throw a tank? He can handle that.

 photo ST-19-2.jpg
Want a swamp monster who has tingling feelings and emotions?
Swampy can do that.

 photo ST-19-3.jpg
Need an old man and a little boy to share secrets?
This issue has that.

 photo ST-19-4.jpg
It’s not a child, mister. It’s a swamp thing!

 photo ST-19-5.jpg
We learn that Swampy has a twin, born from a severed arm.
 photo ST-19-6.jpg

His twin doesn’t have much of a mind of his own but can enjoy the delights of a grotto just like you and I.
 photo ST-19-7.jpg

 photo ST-19-Ads1.jpg
how can the firechief afford all these savings?

 photo ST-19-Ads2.jpg

Creating legal tender in the comforts of your home has never been so easy.

Letters Page
 photo ST-19-lp.jpg


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