Swamp Thing 20 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 20 (1975)
The Mirror Monster
 photo ST-20-1.jpg
Swamp Thing vs Swamp Thing. I’m sure you can guess who wins.

 photo ST-20-2.jpg
Alright, party started.

 photo ST-20-3.jpg
Since the beginning of time, man has stood atop bluffs and looked upon the horizon

 photo ST-20-4.jpg
Another fantastic backhand from Swamp Thing to Matt Cable with love.
This is the second time Matt has been slapped by a swamp thing. This one being dealt by Swamp Thing’s lookalike and the first time while Swampy was possessed by an evil demon.

 photo ST-20-5.jpg
Mother of mercy is the appropriate thing to say in a situation like this.

 photo ST-20-6.jpg
Does he ever.

 photo st-20-x.jpg
Swampy is moved to tears.

 photo ST-20-7.jpg
This issue features Tableaus. This issue also involves a great deal of severed limb chit-chat.

 photo ST-20-8.jpg
speak of the devil! it’s severed limb generated Swamp Thing lookalike!

 photo ST-20-9.jpg

 photo ST-20-10.jpg
1. Threat

 photo ST-20-11.jpg

 photo ST-20-12.jpg

 photo ST-20-13.jpg
4.Just walk away. Let your twin take the brunt of the shrapnel and walk away.

 photo ST-20_Ads1.jpg
Free money is hilarious

 photo ST-20_Ads2.jpg
Since 1975, we named these creatures. Sail-Back was borderline star wars jargon

 photo ST-20_Ads3.jpg
It all begins with a smile.

 photo ST-20_Ads4.jpg
The featured soldier looks a bit like the bad guy from Cobra.
I wonder if the creepy pantyhose mask accompanies the figures.

 photo ST-20_Ads6.jpg
Rajah Mystery Tent is really confusing but it’s a $1 and I’ll take it.

 photo ST-20_Ads5.jpg
This could be my head or it could be an apple. Vincent Price endorsed produce shrinking kit.

Letters Page
 photo st-20-lp1.jpg
I am so glad a fan letter brought up the Ellery revival/survival. This guy is reading my mind from 39 years ago.

 photo st-20-lp2.jpg
Space?! If I were Swamp Thing I would need a long vacation. It’s just one thing after another with this poor guy.


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