RBCC Rocket’s Blast Comicollector 124

RBCC Rocket’s Blast Comicollector 124 (1975)
 photo photo1.jpg
Another fun Swamp Thing appearance. RBCC was a magazine for collectors and their collections. Folks wrote in asking for indices for their favorite comics/interests and the writers responded with them. It was like a comic book imdb in print form, a place you could go to find any and everything about your favorite comic based obsession. RBCC was also a great magazine for artists to share and collaborate.

 photo photo21.jpg
Middle Earth is in Denver, Colorado. I knew it.

 photo photo11.jpg
Page 42!

 photo photo2.jpg
I love this version of Batman & Robin.

 photo photo3.jpg
Christmas is a bitter pill to swallow for Swamp Thing.

 photo photo4.jpg
Damn tree cutters

 photo photo41.jpg
Special guest Norris. ’75 was a good year.

 photo photo12.jpg

 photo photo22.jpg
Jack Steinman feels that Swamp Thing #6 belongs in the Comic Book Hall of Fame.

 photo photo32.jpg
Just in case you wanted to stun everyone at trivia night.


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