Swamp Thing 21 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 21 (1976)
 photo ST-211-1.jpg
Swamp Thing is neck deep in it.

 photo ST-212.jpg
Space that is.

 photo ST-213.jpg

 photo ST-214.jpg

 photo ST-215.jpg

 photo ST-216.jpg

 photo ST-217.jpg

 photo ST-218.jpg
Damnit, Swampy gets put in a corner.

 photo ST-219.jpg
When you are in the clink, making friends with a fella’ with oven mitts for hands is a no brainer.

 photo ST-2110.jpg
The bedazzled alien explains all.

 photo ST-2111.jpg

 photo ST-2112.jpg
uht oh!

 photo ST-2113.jpg

Letters Page
 photo ST-21LP.jpg
“the basic theme of this country’s great abuse of the elderly…”
he said it.

 photo ST-21Ad1.jpg
Think big, get small.

 photo ST-21Ad2.jpg
Neat prizes, sold.


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