House of Secrets 140 (Volume 1)

House of Secrets 140 (1976)
Reprise: The Patchwork Man
 photo HOS-140-1.jpg
Patchwork Man at it again in the lingerie department.

 photo HOS-140-2.jpg

 photo HOS-140-3.jpg
Book ’em! I wonder if Patchwork Man is wearing a bear skin or if Anton Arcane used a bear torso for his brother’s monster body.

 photo HOS-140-4.jpg
Doctor Elijah Chomes leaves quite the first impression.

 photo HOS-140-5.jpg
His fancy clothes come equipped with chloroform shooting gloves.

 photo HOS-140-6.jpg
While being held captive, one finds the time to reflect on life.

 photo HOS-140-7.jpg
Before Anton Arcane became a full fledged psycho scientist he invented the snuggie.

 photo HOS-140-8.jpg
Patchwork Man was Gregori Arcane (father of Abigail Arcane) but Gregori stepped on a land mine and his brother Anton Arcane pieced him back together.

 photo HOS-140-9.jpg
There he is. Swamp Thing makes an appearance as part of a flashback from issue 3.

 photo HOS-140-10.jpg
Patchwork Man fell to what should have been his doom. He was found, captured and shipped off to New York.

 photo photo52.jpg
Begin breakdown!

 photo HOS-140-11.jpg
The ending is quite comical. Patchwork Man looks quite comfortable in a taxi.

 photo HOS-140-ad1.jpg
The girls that read Swampy in ’76 must have loved Dust & Skye.
I’d like to know the thought process of the folks who placed this ad.

 photo HOS-140-ad2.jpg
A coin filled barrel.

 photo HOS-140-ad3.jpg
Piper Comanche is a great name.

Letters Page:
 photo HOS-140-lp.jpg


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