Swamp Thing 22 (Series 1)

Swamp Thing 22 (1976)
The Solomon Plague
 photo ST-22-1.jpg
Swamp Thing teleports from a space ship to a desert in Arizona.

 photo ST-22-2.jpg
Swamp Thing is staring at the desert.

 photo ST-22-3.jpg
I’d like to know what kind of knot this is.

 photo ST-22-4.jpg
Swamp Thing encounters some of the most elaborate modes of transportation in the galaxy.

 photo ST-22-5.jpg
There is a door on the side of this mountain.

 photo ST-22-6.jpg
There are radioactive, diseased residents inside of this mountain… dear lord.

 photo ST-22-7.jpg
They have been detained inside of the mountain because they were exposed to radiation and a virus.

 photo ST-22-8.jpg
Big problem…

 photo ST-22-9.jpg
The detained, mutated residents are conflicted with what they must do next.
Save or Destroy?

 photo ST-22-10.jpg
Save AND Destroy… good lord

 photo ST-22-11.jpg

 photo ST-22-12.jpg
This issue has two major explosions.

 photo ST-22-13.jpg

 photo ST-22-14.jpg
but that won’t stop Swamp Thing from going home. He hoofed it all the way from Arizona.

 photo ST-22-Ads1.jpg
Slow day in Gotham

 photo ST-22-Ads2.jpg
Blood? If I’m not a werewolf I am most likely a vampire.

 photo ST-22-Ads3.jpg
22 Swamp Thing comics in and finally a delightful ad.

 photo ST-22-Ads4.jpg
I’m not a Spider-Man fan and believe Superman would destroy Mr. Parker in minutes.

 photo ST-22-Ads5.jpg

Letters Page:
 photo ST-22-LP.jpg
I am re-reading Swampy’s chronology and know that some of the exciting topics mentioned in this letter will never come to fruition in the first series. We may never know how Abigail’s ropes untied themselves in issue 18.


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