The Kenner Legacy – Camouflage Swamp Thing Revisited

A couple weeks back I posted images of the Swamp Thing camouflage  figure with it’s mysterious variant. I scoured the internet for an explanation as to why two different versions were produced but couldn’t find any information. With a little luck I was able to track down this Kenner Legacy magazine that explained it all.

The Kenner Legacy magazine comprised of 18 parts (issues). The magazine focused on the history of Kenner, featuring a great deal of their merchandise. But the only important merchandise can be seen below… ok, and on the cover. I do enjoy Wyld Stallyns in tuxedo jackets and stage diving Batman.

I’m surprised that I came fairly close to guessing why the camouflage variant figure exists. My deductive reasoning is better than I thought.
It looks like Kenner made a mistake and had to re-release the figure.

3 thoughts on “The Kenner Legacy – Camouflage Swamp Thing Revisited

  1. Hello!, I am a toy collector and a really fan of swamp thing 90s figures. Indeed the snare arm swamp thing was the first figure I bought when i was 9 years old. Its a very interesting post. Really well done the investigation, but…. I never found some camouflauge swamo thing that doesnt change the color… I think it was a matter of reduce the production prices, and also the mettod of making that kind of finishes. Because its much more expensive to apply that thermic paint, which consist in one mold per piece and two coats of paint: white and green…. well, best dude!.


    1. I agree, Mossman; this information sounds incorrect. The overwhelming majority of Camouflage Swamp Thing figures produced had a solid area of thermal paint on the head, chest and abdomen. The more “organic” paint variant, which matches the cardback photos, is undoubtedly more rare. I assume it’s not color-changing, but I’ve never had one in hand. I assume it was released first and in more limited production. Looks way better, too, in my opinion.


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