Swamp Thing India Screen Print

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It has been too long since I have last posted but fear not, I will be back on my regular schedule soon. I’ve been wrapped up in design work for a few friends. In the meantime, I finally tracked down this great ST Screen printed poster signed by Charles Soule. The poster had a limited run of 100 and was designed and printed in India. I’ve heard from Soule that it was commissioned for him by a friend just prior to joining the Swamp Thing creative team. I am excited to get the print framed and hung on the wall.

 photo ST-Poster.jpg

Shazam! 31 (Volume 1)

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Shazam! 31 (1977)
 photo SH-1.jpg

A year after the first publishorial release, DC sells the Swamp Thing story and 2 book compilation once again.
I have always been surprised by the backing that Swamp Thing gets. Of all the characters in any comic, I think Swamp Thing has had the most opportunities. He has always been pushed along in different forms of media. Someone will always try to keep the character alive. « Read the rest of this entry »

DC Special Series 2 The Original Swamp Thing Saga

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DC Special Series 2  The Original Swamp Thing Saga (1977)
 photo cvr1.jpg
The cover says number 1 but this book is number 2 from the DC Special Series. I’m not quite sure why the odd numbering but the book includes reprints of Swamp Thing (Series 1) 1 and 2. « Read the rest of this entry »

Challengers of the Unknown 82 (Volume 1)

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Challengers of the Unknown 82 (1977)
The Lurker Below
 photo CoU-1.jpg
A year after the beloved Swamp Thing series is canceled, Swampy reappears in the form of a flashback and maybe a hand cameo. « Read the rest of this entry »

Comic Art Convention 1977

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Comic Art Convention 1977
(Special Tenth Annual Anniversary Edition)
 photo photo1.jpg
Special tenth anniversary edition sounds pretty darn fancy. I love Wrightson’s cover and how he poses the figures, great composition and movement. The shirtless fella on the ground has absolutely had it. He is the only one smart enough to surrender (by choice or not). « Read the rest of this entry »

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