Comic Art Convention 1977

Comic Art Convention 1977
(Special Tenth Annual Anniversary Edition)
Special tenth anniversary edition sounds pretty darn fancy. I love Wrightson’s cover and how he poses the figures, great composition and movement. The shirtless fella on the ground has absolutely had it. He is the only one smart enough to surrender (by choice or not).

The guests of honor are featured with full page beauty shots. Wrightson is looking fresh and kind of like an extra on Real Genius during the pool party.

Panels from House of Secrets 92, Swamp Thing 6 and Swamp Thing 7 are featured. I am assuming the cover artwork was done especially for the special edition convention book …I may be wrong.
Bernie Wrightson draws a great Batman! Issue 7 shows Batman pulling off some great gymnast maneuvers while kicking butt.

When I found this book I hoped at least one autograph would be in the back. no luck

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