Challengers of the Unknown 82 (Volume 1)

Challengers of the Unknown 82 (1977)
The Lurker Below
 photo CoU-1.jpg
A year after the beloved Swamp Thing series is canceled, Swampy reappears in the form of a flashback and maybe a hand cameo.

 photo CoU-2.jpg
DC still using the new ST logo. I don’t recall when they switch back but I will be sure to keep you posted in the near future.

 photo CoU-3.jpg
Perdition? Not Perdition again!

 photo CoU-4.jpg
If you recall, Perdition, PA is the site of the villain M’Nagalah in
ST series 1, issue 8.
Swamp Thing whacks M’Nagalah with a wood beam, collapsing the mine but outside a growth (looking a lot like M’Nagalah) appears on one of the townspeople’s arm! M’Nagalah LIVES! …as Swampy walks away into the woods.

 photo CoU-5.jpg
It’s been a while since I read this Challengers series featuring Swamp Thing. I don’t recall who’s arm this is and they do not tell you who it is in this issue. I was excited to see this panel, I think it’s Swamp Thing!

 photo CoU-6.jpg

 photo CoU-8.jpg
Along with the flashback pages, Swamp Thing appears in this ad. Like the Publishorial in the Flash and the Shazam! comic a year later, DC sells their Swamp Thing series 1 collections. This altered cover art from issue 2 of series one is entertaining. Arcane’s castle has been removed from the background yet a spire remains over Swampy’s shoulder. They even left Arcane’s shadow at the end of the beam.

 photo CoU-7.jpg
For sure, Arnold Palmer.


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