Challengers of the Unknown 82 (Volume 1)

Challengers of the Unknown 82 (1977)
The Lurker Below
A year after the beloved Swamp Thing series is canceled, Swampy reappears in the form of a flashback and maybe a hand cameo.

DC still using the new ST logo. I don’t recall when they switch back but I will be sure to keep you posted in the near future.

Perdition? Not Perdition again!

If you recall, Perdition, PA is the site of the villain M’Nagalah in
ST series 1, issue 8.
Swamp Thing whacks M’Nagalah with a wood beam, collapsing the mine but outside a growth (looking a lot like M’Nagalah) appears on one of the townspeople’s arm! M’Nagalah LIVES! …as Swampy walks away into the woods.

It’s been a while since I read this Challengers series featuring Swamp Thing. I don’t recall who’s arm this is and they do not tell you who it is in this issue. I was excited to see this panel, I think it’s Swamp Thing!


Along with the flashback pages, Swamp Thing appears in this ad. Like the Publishorial in the Flash and the Shazam! comic a year later, DC sells their Swamp Thing series 1 collections. This altered cover art from issue 2 of series one is entertaining. Arcane’s castle has been removed from the background yet a spire remains over Swampy’s shoulder. They even left Arcane’s shadow at the end of the beam.

For sure, Arnold Palmer.

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