DC Special Series 2 The Original Swamp Thing Saga

DC Special Series 2  The Original Swamp Thing Saga (1977)
The cover says number 1 but this book is number 2 from the DC Special Series. I’m not quite sure why the odd numbering but the book includes reprints of Swamp Thing (Series 1) 1 and 2.

The book features a wrap around cover which differs from the first series releases. Wrightson drew the artwork for the covers. The artwork is inspired by a panel from Swamp Thing 1 “Dark Genesis”. The book is featured in Superman The Movie as well!


One of my favorite Letters to the ST crew as seen in Swamp Thing (Series 1) 6.

The page above reads that the letter was written or published (not quite sure) in May of  ’73 but ST 6 was released October of ’73. The number discrepancies continue.

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