Muck encrusted puzzle pieces

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I thought I was onto something, thinking that most merchandise related to the animated TV series came in three styles. I mentioned this in my Swamp Thing stampers post. The ST stampers come in three styles, Pencil toppers come in three styles, pencil sharpener comes in three styles, etc. Well, I found out that I may be wrong about the three style notion. Today I procured a fourth puzzle style!

I picked up these three puzzles over the course of a few years. I was lucky enough to find the three sealed and in great condition.
 photo ST3.jpg

 photo ST1.jpg

 photo ST2.jpg

These three puzzles are fairly common. The fourth however, I had never seen before. I present to you… Puzzle style four!
 photo ST4.jpg
 photo ST4a.jpg
I am very excited to add this to my collection. Along with the puzzle, I have recently found a few really special ST collectibles that I can’t wait to share.

Swamp Sticker

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It looks like Swampy got a salad dumped on his head
and he isn’t happy.
 photo photo12.jpg
If I had found this when I was 12, it would have decorated the front of my bike. I used to buy stickers like these in quarter operated vending machines at department stores like Marshalls, Zayre and Caldor.

Challengers of The Unknown 84 (Volume 1)

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Challengers of The Unknown 84 (1978)
To Save a Monster/When Deadmen Walk
 photo cotu841cover.jpg
Swamp Thing’s Challengers adventure continues! « Read the rest of this entry »

Swamp Thing Pencil Sharpener

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Sharpening the ST pencil with the ST sharpener has crossed my mind in a torturous kind of way.

 photo 241252A0-9257-4753-8F1F-FA61E0A8870C.jpg
 photo photo11.jpg
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DC Special Series 14 The Original Swamp Thing Saga

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DC Special Series 14 The Original Swamp Thing Saga (1978)
 photo DCSpecialSeries141.jpg
Book three and four of the first series, reprinted like never before! « Read the rest of this entry »

Batman’s Strangest Cases 59 (1978)

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Batman’s Strangest Cases – Limited Collector’s Edition 59 (1978)
 photo BSC1.jpg
This oversized compilation is a favorite of mine. The art work is twice the size of the original publications and it features one of my favorite stories… « Read the rest of this entry »

Swampy Mug

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 photo photo22.jpg
I’d imagine coffee tastes twice as good in a Swamp Thing mug.
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