Challengers Of The Unknown 83 (Volume 1)

Challengers Of The Unknown 83 (1977)
Seven Doorways To Destiny
Swamp Thing is back… officially! In COTU 82 I thought Swampy’s arm could be seen in one of the panels but in this issue we find out that Alec is still around in human form. I will forever wonder who’s plant-like arm is perched upon the window sill. From the front cover to the back, this issue houses some ST body issues. Buckler & Rubinstien’s cover has always made me laugh. ST looks like an old man and the anatomy below the belt gets a bit confusing. He’s so smooth.

This portrayal of Heathcliff Monroe belongs on the side of a windowless van.

Swamp Thing’s background info/records are apparently very easy to obtain. The Challengers had the internet before it existed. These newspapers are competitively priced.

Heathcliff’s idea of a reward is being confined to slavery. There is something about his bulging, sweaty, talking vein that makes me not want to trust him.

I know it looks like Dr. Alec Holland’s face is melting but fear not…

It’s his arm that is melting.

Oh… and Mark Haley. Mark is melting too.

It takes no time for Alec to transform back into Swamp Thing. His face has seen better days.

The fungus is very sensitive to “Runaway” by Bon Jovi as well as Minnie Ripperton


Alec Holland has completely transformed back into Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing is still growing into or maybe out of his body. Next up, DEADMAN! This issue didn’t have fan letters regarding Swamp Thing. I am hoping next issue will.

Rich & Famous

Little known fact: These crabs were very crazy.

Throwing parachute balls at deployed parachutes will most likely ruin your parachute balls.

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