Challengers Of The Unknown 83 (Volume 1)

Challengers Of The Unknown 83 (1977)
Seven Doorways To Destiny
 photo COU-831Cover.jpg
Swamp Thing is back… officially! In COTU 82 I thought Swampy’s arm could be seen in one of the panels but in this issue we find out that Alec is still around in human form. I will forever wonder who’s plant-like arm is perched upon the window sill. From the front cover to the back, this issue houses some ST body issues. Buckler & Rubinstien’s cover has always made me laugh. ST looks like an old man and the anatomy below the belt gets a bit confusing. He’s so smooth.

 photo COU-832.jpg
This portrayal of Heathcliff Monroe belongs on the side of a windowless van.

 photo COU-833.jpg

 photo COU-834.jpg
Swamp Thing’s background info/records are apparently very easy to obtain. The Challengers had the internet before it existed. These newspapers are competitively priced.

 photo COU-835.jpg
Heathcliff’s idea of a reward is being confined to slavery. There is something about his bulging, sweaty, talking vein that makes me not want to trust him.

 photo COU-836.jpg
I know it looks like Dr. Alec Holland’s face is melting but fear not…

 photo COU-837.jpg
It’s his arm that is melting.

 photo COU-838.jpg
Oh… and Mark Haley. Mark is melting too.

 photo COU-839.jpg
It takes no time for Alec to transform back into Swamp Thing. His face has seen better days.

 photo COU-8310.jpg
The fungus is very sensitive to “Runaway” by Bon Jovi as well as Minnie Ripperton

 photo COU-8311.jpg

 photo COU-8312.jpg
Alec Holland has completely transformed back into Swamp Thing.

 photo COU-8313.jpg
Swamp Thing is still growing into or maybe out of his body. Next up, DEADMAN! This issue didn’t have fan letters regarding Swamp Thing. I am hoping next issue will.

 photo COU-83AD1.jpg
Rich & Famous

 photo COU-83AD2.jpg
Little known fact: These crabs were very crazy.

 photo COU-83AD3.jpg
Throwing parachute balls at deployed parachutes will most likely ruin your parachute balls.


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