Challengers of The Unknown 84 (Volume 1)

Challengers of The Unknown 84 (1978)
To Save a Monster/When Deadmen Walk
 photo cotu841cover.jpg
Swamp Thing’s Challengers adventure continues!

 photo cotu841.jpg
Another valuable lesson from Rocky Davis. Muscles can’t solve anything.

 photo cotu844.jpg
Professor Haley is still a melting mess and no one knows what to do with him.

 photo cotu842.jpg
Meanwhile, Swampy is down and out and it doesn’t help that…

 photo cotu847.jpg
Deadman finds that inhabiting the body of a wild dog is the best way to communicate.

 photo cotu845.jpg
Rocky… that’s just rude.

 photo cotu843.jpg
So many emotions are flying around. Everyone is telling each other to “take walks” and “fly kites”.

 photo cotu846.jpg
Deadman saves the doomed, melting Prof. and now finds himself stuck in the floor.

 photo cotu848.jpg
false alarm, he’s hanging from the ceiling.

The Challengers and Deadman finally find the identity of Swamp Thing!
 photo cotu849.jpg
Find Alec Holland!

 photo cotu8410.jpg
Found him!

 photo cotu8411.jpg
Darn it, he’s possessed again.

 photo cotu8412.jpg

“oh, I’m going to regret this in the morning!”
 photo cotu8413.jpg
I think the editor and colorist regret not catching this continuity error.

 photo cotu8414.jpg
Deadman to the rescue! SHAROOM

 photo cotu8415.jpg

 photo cotu84ad2.jpg
Please don’t


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