Dialogue Model Sheet

Swamp Thing Dialogue Model Sheet

I have been trying to track down hand drawn animation frames for a little while. Most of the artwork I have come across is from Dic Entertainment but are photocopies for animators to reference. This model sheet features 6 photocopies of Swamp Things head with hand drawn mouth expressions to help animators with character dialogue/annunciation.


ST Watch

Legend has it that this watch came from Dick Durock’s estate. He used to hand these out to fans at events. This is what I was told when I purchased the watch but I don’t have any proof of this being true. None the less, it’s pretty cool.
The font and the vines on the letters are a departure from the ST brand identity we are used to seeing in the comic book. I have an audio dept. crew jacket from the TV show that has the same artwork embroidered on the back of the jacket which leads me to believe that it was artwork used primarily for promo/crew related items. I will post the jacket soon.
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.51.31 AM copy.jpg