Challengers of The Unknown 86 (Volume 1)

Challengers of The Unknown 86 (1978)
The War at Time’s End
We pick up where we last left off with the Challengers.

The professor is being attacked by monsters back at Challengers Mountain while the rest of the group is on an adventure through time

While the prof. is in a world of trouble, The rest of the gang is trapped in the future with trigger happy violent types.


Rocky just isn’t cutting it. I think he needs to do some training and ditch the wrestler persona.

Red Ryan may be a quitter but he knows how to fire a gun and come crawling back, in style.


Deadman has everything under control, or does he?

Streets are neat. This wagon comes with a green monster who takes liberties with your side, rear window.

Letters Page:
Interesting point although I feel that previous Swampy writers depicted the man in the monster in a similar way. Conway does do a good job of handling Alec coming to terms with his situation.


“I kind of feel sorry for the guy, spending his whole life looking like that and he doesn’t even have his own book”
so true but he looks better than ever.

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