Challengers of The Unknown 87 (Volume 1)

Challengers of The Unknown 87 (1978)
Twelve Million Years to Twilight
 photo 1.jpg
I feel bad for Deadman, can the Challengers hear him?

 photo 2.jpg
This man is Lucas Lawspeaker. Mr Lawspeaker needs to tame his frock.

 photo 3.jpg
Swampy is taking charge but I don’t believe he plans to take names.

 photo 3A.jpg

 photo 4.jpg
‘Thrak’ is the sound of Swamp Thing’s rage.

 photo 5.jpg
Is it Challengers Mountain or Challenger Mountain. I’ve only seen Challengers before this issue.

 photo 6.jpg
The professor is still battling the monsters back at Challengers Mountain but this time he is faced with Rice Krispies.

 photo 7.jpg
Who needs “thrabam” when you’ve got…

 photo 8.jpg

 photo 9.jpg
Etrigan, Batman & Green Lantern show up to help out the Challengers.

 photo 10.jpg
The two up top are about to repopulate the entire future while the Challengers, Deadman and Swamp Thing hightail it back to the present. The huddled group reminds me of the submarine scene at the end of Life Aquatic.

Swamp Thing’s visit with the Challengers has come to an end and I am excited to move on toward series 2.

 photo Ad1.jpg
It’s true. Bruce Wayne realizes he is a better business man than crime fighter.

Letters Page:
 photo LP1.jpg
Overexposure my foot.


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