DC Comics Presents 8 (Volume 1)

DC Comics Presents 8 (1979)
The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy
 photo 1.jpg
This issue is full of hand situations. Swamp Thing’s hands do all sorts of things.

 photo 2.jpg
Panel two: right hand may he broken. Swamp Thing finds himself wading through human waste below Metropolis.

 photo 3.jpg
Now his left hand looks lifeless or broken.

 photo 4.jpg
Origin story! I’ve said it before but  I need to compile a list of every comic that features a Swamp Thing origin story. There seems to be quite a few.

 photo 5.jpg
Claw hand!

 photo 6.jpg
Sensuous hand

 photo 7.jpg
Swamp Thing restraining Superman? It’s so Swampy can take Grundy and run tests on him to see how he grew from the swamp. Maybe the results could help Swampy return back to his human form.

 photo 8.jpg

 photo 8a.jpg
Swamp Thing??!

 photo 9.jpg
Drunkin’ Grundy??!

 photo 11.jpg
Grundy and Swampy stroll off into the human sewage system sunset; hand in stump.

 photo 12.jpg
Another Swamp Thing arm situation. It’s growing back in a tyrannosaur kind of way.

 photo 13.jpg
Grundy and Swampy have a moment with the tyrannosaur arm

 photo 14.jpg
Then drunkin’ Grundy does a dance on some rats.

 photo 16.jpg

 photo 17.jpg

 photo 18.jpg
Superman is taking advice from his belt buckle. He says Batman is on the line but who’s to say?

Superman and Lois
 photo 19.jpg

 photo 20.jpg
Uh-oh, Grundy is about to get it.

 photo 21.jpg

 photo 22.jpg
Many Grundys being bad.

 photo 23.jpg
Two Swampy origin stories in one book! This is a record that I don’t believe has been broken.

 photo 24.jpg
I’d imagine Swampy is relieved to get out of all of that human waste. It’s unfortunate

 photo Ad1.jpg

I don’t recall the Willy Wonka like character in the center of the Slim Jim logo. I’m willing to bet it’s Mr. Slim Jim.

 photo ad2.jpg

She always gets the bad guys.



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