DC Special Series 17 The Original Swamp Thing Saga

DC Special Series 17  The Original Swamp Thing Saga (1979)
I typically don’t get too chatty on the website except to comment on some of my favorite panels but I was contacted by two Swamp Thing fans regarding the site and feel it’s important to mention. Fellow Swamp Thing fans Travis & Zac emailed me site suggestions and obscure Swampy appearances/references that I had not come across. The comics are now on the ST list page and I have started to organize the list so that ST appearances, mentions (non-visual), ads, parodies and articles are easily identifiable. I am grateful that such great folks read my site and even more so that we can share our excitement for Swamp Thing. Be sure to check out Zac’s website Seeds and Leaves: A Swamp Thing Biography. The site houses a great deal of ST information and is a wonderful resource.
Thanks guys!


Issues 5, 6 & 7 of series one reprinted in a collection much like DC Special Series 2 and 14.

The back cover features artwork from issue 6 (series 1). This version of the cover differs from the original and appears to be re-colored.

Short story makes good! Read all about it!

“groundswell”, thirst”, “gnawing”, “be good”

Sleepy Thing

One of my favorite pages from series 1.

Joan may feel vulnerable but she is not alone.

Thank you Rich!

Unfortunately a ST series didn’t come to fruition in 1979; we had to wait two more for his series return.

I was not aware of this!
So I watched Superman again…
It’s not exactly clear what book Otis has in his pocket until he meets up with Lex.
And there it is, DC Special Series 2.

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