Swamp Thing CED

The Swamp Thing motion picture is here!
As I re-read the chronology, I have been anticipating ST’s movie and tv appearances. I was more of a fan of the TV show than the movies but none the less, it is always exciting to see ST in action. I will be watching the first movie this weekend before starting in on series 2.
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Swamp Thing Movie – UK style

I’ve only seen this illustration of Swampy on this UK VHS case. The unique depiction of Swamp Thing is by Chris Achilleos. Although I am not a fan of his Swamp Thing’s facial expression, Achilleos is truly a great artist.
Swampy is looking very anxious.

The design and layout for this release looks more intentional than the VHS releases in the US.
Swamp Films, Inc. is inactive at the moment. It was created in 1980.

Super Heroes Monthly 2 (Volume 2)

Super Heroes Monthly 2 (1981)
imagejpg1 (1).JPG

Super Heroes Monthly is a british publication that takes great comics and publishes them in a collected series. These reprints are in black and white. They look great, emphasizing the line work and inking.

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