Brave and the Bold 176

Brave and the Bold 176 (1981)
The Delta Connection
 photo imagejpg1.jpg
Swampy reminds me of the fellow from the black lagoon.
No where in this issue does Batman climb a tree.
 photo imagejpg2.jpg
“Darknight” and the “mockery of life”

 photo imagejpg3.jpg
“Mossy man-brute” is much softer on Swampy’s ego

 photo imagejpg5.jpg
Cat ghost!

 photo imagejpg6.jpg
Based on this panel and the transitive property of logic,  Selena Kyle should have a firm grasp of who Batman is.

 photo imagejpg9.jpg
I love the composition of this panel.

 photo imagejpg10.jpg
I believe Swamp Thing is trying to see how long he can hold his breath.

 photo imagejpg11.jpg
Rudely interrupted, he takes  control of the situation.

 photo imagejpg12.jpg
Batman arrives just in time only to be shot down accidentally.
Swampy and Batman are knocked unconscious. When Swamp Thing comes to, he is a bit disoriented.

 photo imagejpg13.jpg
 photo imagejpg14.jpg
And he’s back!

 photo imagejpg15.jpg
I found this panel to be interesting for two reasons. One, Swamp Thing is being a jerk in not helping Batman and two, Batman calls the corpse “it”. I don’t think Batman is being cold but he does seem detached, maybe focused on busting the bad guys.

 photo imagejpg16.jpg
As you can see, Swamp Thing does a lot of talking in this book.

 photo imagejpg18.jpg
Bayou Lafourche: home of the Original Swamp Thing!

 photo imagejpg17.jpg
… And specters with clues!

 photo imagejpg19.jpg
Batman is not happy with Swampy’s delta clue but he’s a detective, he can handle it.

 photo imagejpg20.jpg
Batman enjoys a good surprise.

 photo imagejpg21.jpg
Swamp Thing enjoys double fisted smash attacks.

 photo imagejpg22.jpg
It seems that every Swamp Thing/Batman appearance ends with a wave goodbye.

 photo imagejpg23.jpg
Permanent oblivion is a tough road to walk. What does Swamp Thing encounter in the last page? Get the book!

 photo imagejpg4.jpg
This fish looks terrified

 photo imagejpg8.jpg
Pat Morita look a-like, mellow dragon


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