Cinefantastique 4 (Volume 11)

Cinefantastique 4 (1981)
 photo B0F24DC1-05E5-42A7-AEA0-D3D7F64A38E3.jpg

Another Swamp Thing movie article from Cinefantastique.

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The article is similar to other movie articles in that it covers the ST origins story, key cast and crew as well as expectations. There are fun behind the scenes facts and photos as well.

 photo 756B7FCA-1FCB-448C-A82A-8484ECC7B84B.jpg

 photo DEB7CC72-E47B-45B8-898F-2882856FB037.jpg

Barbeau did most of her own stunts. makeup artist and costume designer, Munns refused to make Arcane’s costume werewolf like even though series one featured a very similar character. Munns claimed that werewolves were too played out at the time… which is true.

 photo 9D0B8100-4CF2-45A9-B416-D86D078E1C28.jpg


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