Comics Scene 1

Comics Scene 1 (1981)
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I was not aware of Hulk’s breathing powers.

Character profile featuring Swamp Thing!

The book features a Swamp Thing movie update. The film is being finished and will be released next year (February 1982). I’m looking forward to posting my film related pieces as well as re-watching the movie in sync with the comic chronology.

Comics Scene’s character profiles are pretty cool. I never cut mine out, nor did I take advantage of the three hole punch recommendation.

This is one of my favorite Wrightson Swamp Thing drawings. The proportions are more similar to a human man rather than the lumbering hulk from more recent (1981) ST depictions.

I’m not sure where the writer got their facts but the origin story described above differs from what I have read to this point in the chronology. Linda didn’t die in the explosion, she was shot. Ferrett and his henchmen didn’t sneak in the lab, they broke in, they beat up Alec, left him for dead and strapped dynamite to the underside of his lab table. Series 2 hasn’t been released yet so I’m assuming the writer is referencing the previous series. The entire profile isn’t off, just a few details.

I love this illustration

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