Swamp Thing CED

The Swamp Thing motion picture is here!
As I re-read the chronology, I have been anticipating ST’s movie and tv appearances. I was more of a fan of the TV show than the movies but none the less, it is always exciting to see ST in action. I will be watching the first movie this weekend before starting in on series 2.

The Capacitance Electronic Disc is kind of like a vinyl record. The information housed on the disc is read much like an lp but this magical, grooved disc also contains information that (through sorcery and witchcraft) generates video! CED was also called videodisc.

imagejpg3 (1)
imagejpg1 (2)

Swamp Thing doesn’t look impressed by the CED; the format was abandoned in 1986.
imagejpg2 (1).JPG

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