The Saga of Swamp Thing Annual 1

The Saga of Swamp Thing Annual 1 (1982)
 photo imagejpg1.jpg
 photo imagejpg2.jpg
He’s back… almost. The book is an adaptation of the film and stands alone from series one and two.
 photo imagejpg3.jpg
Alice Cable arrives on the scene via helicopter and then boards a small speed boat to her destination, 50 feet away.
 photo imagejpg4.jpg
The boat is a satellite/security risk; the helicopter is not.
 photo imagejpg5.jpg
“The whole operation will blow up!” … he said it.
 photo imagejpg7.jpg
This panel reminds me of a storyboard from Indiana Jones.
 photo imagejpg6.jpg
Linda and her brother Alec meet Alice Cable.
 photo imagejpg25.jpg
Black magic or a simple face mask?
 photo imagejpg26.jpg
The origin story is a little off but the artwork is terrific
 photo imagejpg27.jpg
 photo imagejpg8.jpg
 photo imagejpg9.jpg
Cable pulls the old ‘files in a tree’ trick.
 photo imagejpg10.jpg
HE’S BACK! A classic rendition of Swampy
 photo imagejpg11.jpg
 photo imagejpg12.jpg
 photo imagejpg13.jpg
He punches a minimum of 2 boats and crushes a minimum of 2 heads
 photo imagejpg14.jpg
 photo imagejpg15.jpg
 photo imagejpg16.jpg
…and of course he loses an arm.
 photo imagejpg17.jpg
Alice’s hair is blond in the left panel.
 photo imagejpg18.jpg
 photo imagejpg19.jpg
 photo imagejpg21.jpg
“Stuffs it gently into the wound” must mean, touch Alice’s breast.
 photo imagejpg22.jpg
Uh oh! Swamp reached his boiling point.
 photo imagejpg20.jpg
This panel is one of my favorites.
 photo imagejpg24.jpg
And like so many Swampy exits, he trudges off into the swamp… alone.
 photo imagejpg23.jpg
“If tears could come–they would”


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