The Twilight Zone Magazine 11

Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone Magazine 11  (1982)
 photo imagejpg1.jpg
I had never read this magazine before and was very impressed by the writers and content.

 photo imagejpg2.jpg
There were quite a few ads relating to the environment and humanitarian efforts which was refreshing and surprising.

 photo imagejpg3.jpg
it even has a music column

 photo imagejpg9.jpg
There were two articles that mentioned Swamp Thing, one was more focused on Wes Craven.

 photo imagejpg11.jpg
 photo imagejpg13.jpg
Creepy production stills! Wahoo

 photo imagejpg6.jpg
 photo imagejpg4.jpg
 photo imagejpg5.jpg
It’s fun to read Craven’s thought process on the character.

 photo imagejpg8.jpg
Telly Sevalases would have made a great Arcane!

 photo imagejpg7.jpg
Green James Dean, I love it.

 photo imagejpg10.jpg
 photo imagejpg12.jpg
Craven mentions the crew and cast being up to their asses in swamp, snakes and alligators


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