Amazing Heroes 11

Amazing Heroes 11 (1982)
 photo imagejpg1.jpg
A history of Swamp Thing as told by Amazing Heroes
 photo imagejpg3.jpg
 photo imagejpg11.jpg
One of my favorite illustrations of Swampy (issue 1)
 photo imagejpg7.jpg
From stem to stern, they cover Swampy

 photo imagejpg12.jpg
 photo imagejpg8.jpg
 photo imagejpg13.jpg
 photo imagejpg14.jpg
A great checklist of Swamp Thing appearances is featured at the end of the article.
 photo imagejpg10.jpg
Wein’s Pandora Pann gets put on the shelf.
 photo imagejpg9.jpg

 photo imagejpg4.jpg
 photo imagejpg5.jpg
Silly cover #15 is indeed silly.

 photo imagejpg6.jpg
 photo imagejpg2.jpg
Back Cover


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