Famous Monsters 183

Famous Monsters 183 (1982)
 photo E18FAE7F-967E-4D9E-831C-1C645D633DEC.jpg
This issue of Famous Monsters is one my favorite books relating to the ST movie. The article is so positive and upbeat about the character and movie.

 photo AC257313-EF00-4623-9EFA-1A30535AE377.jpg
 photo F3AAF72C-D4C3-4718-9663-FEE19D39A4DD.jpg
 photo DE7C447E-5809-4E3D-8BA0-45D16C51F061.jpg
grime might pay

 photo 16A5620F-0A05-4E53-88DB-84D8F9B67863.jpg
“loneliness, greed, envy, and the trials of friendship” well said!

 photo 2E5A462D-CA05-4468-8D7A-B27F50FA6FA7.jpg
The article mentions the changing of the ST logo. ST’s logo changed in issue 23 of series one. This is the first article I have read that mentions the change. The new ST logo featured on the cover of issue 23 was short lived. It graced the cover of 2 issues (ST 23 & 24 series 1). Gaspar Saladino designed the original Swampy logo. He also designed the House of Secrets logo, fittingly enough.

 photo 2C85A3A7-5DDA-499D-8D27-0B26BE071A45.jpg
The table of contents was a good indication of the quality of puns we are working with. Muck Jagger will go down in the record books.

 photo B237DA0D-4074-401C-9733-317B250AAC50.jpg
Stunt legend Tony Cecere played Alec Holland in the origin scene. Hoping for the best while lit on fire seems like a tough sell.

 photo F2779C18-F981-420C-8C52-AFC5E32D4DFA.jpg
This is a fantastic description and a view that I also share.
I never got into Swamp Thing because it was a horror/monster book. I was drawn to the writing and visuals depicting the personal struggle, the struggles amongst humanity and longing.
 photo 1322F4A3-92D1-4036-8691-F866C7C56D50.jpg
 photo FF1A91F0-E372-42E9-BE11-8AB6249C40A5.jpg
The article features so much great information. Here is a very interesting excerpt about Louis Jourdan.
 photo 2547D8E7-712D-4CAA-8069-F9C4A42B2AE5.jpg
The top left image shows Ray Wise wearing the Swampy suit.
The bottom left photo is cited as being Ray Wise chatting with a stunt double. I wonder if they are referring to Durock and Wise.

 photo FDF0407F-4839-4609-A2F4-BA192FEB4908.jpg
I loved reading Craven’s techniques on filming the movie. The description reminded me of the Batman ’66 show.

 photo 973211A8-3854-469F-B424-2C308D86A32F.jpg
The book is full of great articles. Modern Problems wasn’t my favorite Chase film but it was an entertaining read.

 photo 216F5B26-E595-4833-9EED-A6191C4A76B8.jpg
back cover

This magazine is filled with great ads. It was good that I was not aware of this book when I was a kid.
 photo 9ADD31A4-EFDE-4BB0-82F6-75BF744F62C7.jpg photo 0A699744-5BF5-41D3-BEE6-5F545F3286DE.jpg
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 photo E793E60B-69E6-478E-92C7-4CA4C44955C3.jpg
 photo 25F95BFB-CA36-46E7-8D35-35FA825070AF.jpg
I don’t think I could have gotten away with a 6′ Vampirella as a kid. I don’t think I could get away with it today. My fiance is saint enough, allowing me to indulge in my Swamp Thing escapades.
 photo 57FAF5F7-ABBF-41D4-95EB-F9D5599F8F9B.jpg


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