Famous Monsters 183

Famous Monsters 183 (1982)
This issue of Famous Monsters is one my favorite books relating to the ST movie. The article is so positive and upbeat about the character and movie.

grime might pay

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“loneliness, greed, envy, and the trials of friendship” well said!

The article mentions the changing of the ST logo. ST’s logo changed in issue 23 of series one. This is the first article I have read that mentions the change. The new ST logo featured on the cover of issue 23 was short lived. It graced the cover of 2 issues (ST 23 & 24 series 1). Gaspar Saladino designed the original Swampy logo. He also designed the House of Secrets logo, fittingly enough.

The table of contents was a good indication of the quality of puns we are working with. Muck Jagger will go down in the record books.

Stunt legend Tony Cecere played Alec Holland in the origin scene. Hoping for the best while lit on fire seems like a tough sell.

This is a fantastic description and a view that I also share.
I never got into Swamp Thing because it was a horror/monster book. I was drawn to the writing and visuals depicting the personal struggle, the struggles amongst humanity and longing.
The article features so much great information. Here is a very interesting excerpt about Louis Jourdan.
The top left image shows Ray Wise wearing the Swampy suit.
The bottom left photo is cited as being Ray Wise chatting with a stunt double. I wonder if they are referring to Durock and Wise.

I loved reading Craven’s techniques on filming the movie. The description reminded me of the Batman ’66 show.

973211A8-3854-469F-B424-2C308D86A32F (2).JPG
The book is full of great articles. Modern Problems wasn’t my favorite Chase film but it was an entertaining watch.

back cover

This magazine is filled with great ads. It was good that I was not aware of this book when I was a kid.
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I don’t think I could have gotten away with a 6′ Vampirella as a kid.

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