The Saga of the Swamp Thing 3 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 3 (1982)
A Town Has Turned To Blood

Like series 1 issue 9, Swampy is having a tough time staying on trains.
 photo FAE6BC7D-F57D-40A3-A97C-A5FED35FA63E.jpg
The pair make their way through Rosewood, IL
 photo 7FB84E71-6C4D-45F4-B89E-6EB728A22FB2.jpg
 photo 5C2E9028-977C-481F-98DF-259B293CBEBC.jpg
The local vampires waste no time in attacking.

 photo 93D7B9F6-9035-4981-AAE2-A11544C9B09B.jpg
Swampy wastes no time in killing a few before tumbling off the train amidst a fight, leaving Casey by herself.

 photo 932BCF63-853F-4D3C-8421-334F24E1E402.jpg
Swampy knows best. When in doubt, head to your local library!

 photo D4E660A8-26F3-401E-ADAE-04EF583C38C5.jpg
In the previous book, Swampy mentions he can’t feel physical pain. In this book he says his blood is like tree sap. So why would an arrow to the chest affect Swamp Thing the way it does?

 photo 25DF44E3-AF9F-4F87-A255-30AB1B212DCE.jpg
Swampy wakes up to the Monster Squad and is sure to let them know who he is… world renowned Swamp Man as told by Liz Tremayne

 photo B5C12A8B-BF04-496C-8E93-579B3038CD80.jpg
Liz’s legacy will live on as Rude Woman: Fact or Myth

 photo 644663D4-C85B-49AE-A601-0E5A9E70A536.jpg
it took all night but Swampy got his story out there. I’d like to think they stayed up late reading Liz’s book.

 photo 08F32363-A84B-4A47-89B6-89CBDB26124E.jpg
If anyone can sympathize with budget cuts, it’s Swamp Thing.

 photo 077104BC-4E47-4137-9FA5-91639F1C1FAD.jpg
Those darn Sunderland folks have their hands in everything.

 photo 7A8258A5-1CB5-41E4-B032-63D7C6D5D5F7.jpg
The town is full of vampires and Swampy jumps into action.

 photo ACED781E-0357-45F7-9B4E-C1E64E86F2A6.jpg
“*water that has been blessed by a priest. –Len”
If you are reading Swamp Thing books I’d like to think you know what holy water is.

 photo 2191C833-1D48-43D6-A685-101E64FE0045.jpg
Macho Van Helsing games account for 90% of family oriented accidents.

 photo 20E8FAF6-5C67-4C3E-ACD4-FA6DCCA487D1.jpg
The father and son duo recklessly rig the dam to drown the town, down river.

 photo 0002E8D9-96D8-4F90-99AD-1666664B1491.jpg
The arcade is ALWAYS the last place to look

 photo 9F9326B1-EA91-47A7-A285-C4D8F86D157F.jpg
The Purple Headed Warrior is much too close to the Slumber Party pinball machine.

 photo 89F38B65-DE2C-4362-97BE-E340E1843D30.jpg
The idea of vampires living in pinball machines has always captured my imagination.

 photo 93C499F1-A303-4014-8F53-6CA3D04A8D8F.jpg
I was not aware that vampires can be killed with running water.

 photo 833CAEC4-6775-482A-AC01-C30932DE8CCF.jpg
The final panels of the father/son duo are great.

 photo 4F5C9D99-AD34-4988-A2D8-8FCFDAAF5A9E.jpg
I hope the boy was able to understand what Swampy was thinking. I think ST has been hanging with Casey too long.

 photo AE141CAB-F5AC-466F-9C07-FB038D801E25.jpg
Turn around Swamp Thing!

Letters Page:
 photo F03B1CD7-6BB8-4BB7-A711-6C0E3DF7DE09.jpg
A nice write-up on Tom Yeates in the letters page.

 photo 47D30F6E-950A-4471-907F-727E262C9949.jpg
Swamp Thing makes the Moondance ad!

 photo CC8689F0-32B4-468E-AA43-471AF742551B.jpg
I remember Triple Flips… not fondly, but I remember.

 photo 76A0CBAA-AA8C-4BAF-9D74-AB484B832F1D.jpg
Swampy is part of the annual tradition and this advertisement.

 photo 72F4012F-8930-4943-8A4A-DCAE1832D45E.jpg
Magic you say?


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