La Creature Du Marais No.2

La Creature Du Marais No.2 “La Derniere des Sorcieres” Aredit (1982)

D3076289-3226-4635-9FB4-2104B876DF3F (1).JPG
This French collection of first series comics came in a volume of five books. The fifth book was book three and four combined… I’m not quite sure why they would have done that but I love them all the same. I’ll post more from the volume in the future.

The book features: The Last of the Ravenwind Witches (issue 5), A Clockwork Horror (issue 6) and Night of the Bat Continue reading “La Creature Du Marais No.2”


One year later

This week marked the one year anniversary of this site and I couldn’t be more proud. The past Swampy filled year was great. I’ve had a lot of fun digging up, researching and writing about my collectibles. I haven’t told many people about the site, making it especially surprising/wonderful seeing how many people have visited the site over the past year. I have been in communication with more ST fans than ever before and it is great! I’m glad people are finding their way here and enjoying all of the Swampy stuff. DC may be dropping Swamp Thing this year but I am excited to see what is in store for him as well as the site in 2015. Without further ado…
a gaggle of Swamp Things enjoying a thrilling roller coaster ride?
a theater of muck encrusted monsters angered by a bad movie?
Nope, a display box full of Swampy stampers. Continue reading “One year later”