Desk Diary

Vertigo Tenth Anniversary Desk Diary, 2004
 photo AE451598-C8F9-4162-80E7-0B94B1979F69.jpg
What says happy anniversary better than a desk diary?
Not much at all.
 photo 67C13106-47FE-47A4-92A7-B1D7A2C4B228.jpg

It’s Like a day planner; has all the months, days and places to take notes.
 photo 3131EF40-DBF4-48E5-A8D4-73897D6670F6.jpg
 photo 975DA969-0F65-4583-9348-07AE036D5DB2.jpg

the book features 53 Vertigo covers and they are beautiful.

I snapped a few photos of my favorites.
 photo 6BA0AC7F-1240-40B6-BA90-3990A5F9C804.jpg

 photo B3651F37-D6DA-4607-8294-EF635C072059.jpg
 photo AFE8C5A5-E0C9-4DBA-97C5-B4C2861129F5.jpg


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