La Creature Du Marais No.2

La Creature Du Marais No.2 “La Derniere des Sorcieres” Aredit (1982)

D3076289-3226-4635-9FB4-2104B876DF3F (1).JPG
This French collection of first series comics came in a volume of five books. The fifth book was book three and four combined… I’m not quite sure why they would have done that but I love them all the same. I’ll post more from the volume in the future.

The book features: The Last of the Ravenwind Witches (issue 5), A Clockwork Horror (issue 6) and Night of the Bat

It’s interesting to see how the pages were colored differently in these reprints. The detail put into this particular title page is great. It was fun comparing the original issue to the French translation.

Swampy appears to be brown in this printing

the inside of the front and back cover have some terrific ads. Below, you can see Patchwork Man and Swampy on another issue from the volume.

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